ULYSEAS, are a hard rock band with many facets reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, is a fresh experience for the alternative movement. The four musicians in their twenties are all good friends, hailing from California. Ray Castro and David Graham began playing and performing together in 2013.  They met Harrison White & Steven Wildman and formed Ulyseas. Rather than focusing on popularity, their intention is to create authentic and passionate music, with the belief that music is transcendent and can create deep connections, which leaves a refreshing take on such a disposable society.

RAY CASTRO (25) (Lead vocals), a musician from Valencia, has always loved to sing and perform. At the age of 12

he discovered the love of drums, and at the age of 15 he started playing guitar and learnt the art of songwriting. Once he bought his first drum set his home became the "jam" spot where all types of musicians would collaborate and eventually form Ulyseas.

DAVID GRAHAM (21) (Guitarist/ Vocals), also hailing from Valencia, started playing guitar when he was 10, although he didn’t get serious with it until he was 13. At first, he tried watching a tutorial video for chords and notes, but he got extremely bored after two minutes so he popped in a “Stevie Ray Vaughan Live In Austin Texas” DVD and began watching it. He quickly learned that he had the ability to listen to a song and almost immediately play it by ear, so he burned through all of the concert DVD’s that his Dad owned (Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh, Albert King) and learned their licks by watching them play.

HARRISON WHITE 20 (Bassist/ Vocals), a Southern California native who was raised in the city of Santa Clarita, became interested in playing music after watching his brother play shows and practice with his band. Seeing his brother's passion inspired him to start playing the bass at age 11. Harrison is also an electronic music producer and is currently working on a soundtrack for an unreleased computer game.

 STEVEN WILDMAN 22 (Drums), born in Panorama City, California, has been playing the drums since the age of 10. He has always been surrounded by music -- influenced by his mother playing Salsa and his father playing Prog rock.  He is a huge fan of King Crimson, Kneebody, and is a talented technical drummer with an amazing stage presence.